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Overnight installations

26 April 2018

It’s probably not something you notice immediately when you’re out shopping - you’re either in a rush, busy talking to friends or family, or excited for your next purchase.  But, next time you're going up or down the escalator or walking through the wide aisles of an indoor shopping centre, look out and you'll see plenty of advertising around you.  It might be to communicate a new store opening within the centre, to announce the launch of a new product or to supplement the shopping centre’s own branding.  But do you know how this signage, or the bigger advertising takeovers get there?  Let us tell you…

Working 9 to 5 – through the night

Once all the shops are shut, the customers have left, and the lights are turned out, tradesmen and sign makers like ourselves are given access to the shopping centre to complete work without disrupting trade or putting any risk to shoppers’ health and safety.  Yes, when you’re tucking into bed at night, that’s when we’re starting work to apply graphics and put up posters we have printed days before.  And we can be in it for the long haul, depending on the size of the job in hand, which in the case of large out-of-town shopping centres, can see us back on the road home at 5am the next day.
Manchester-based RW Signs installed vinyl graphics overnight at intu Metro Centre in Gateshead

All about Nissan at Gateshead

We made the trip to the intu Metro Centre in Gateshead to put up advertising we had printed for the launch of a new Nissan Micra.  It was a complete takeover for Nissan, making sure prominent visibility of advertising across one of the busiest areas of the centre.  As well as fitting vinyl graphics to the glass balustrades on the first floor, we fitted wrap around column graphics in the main thoroughfare, and double-sided vinyl laminated graphics to the escalators themselves for maximum visibility.  Time is of the essence on jobs like this, working from the client brief to make sure the right graphics are applied to the right areas – and the right way around, too!  There’s no room for errors.  While we are applying the graphics, we are all the time checking to make sure edges are seamless and the finish is to the highest standard.
Vinyl graphics applied to the glass balustrades at intu Metro Centre in Gateshead, by Manchester sign makers RW Signs

Skechers at Merry Hill

When Skechers were due to open a new store within the intu Merry Hill shopping centre in Dudley, in Birmingham, they took over the advertising across the Grove Hall escalators to announce their imminent arrival.  It was a night trip again for us as we applied the reverse print vinyl graphics we had made, to the glass escalators.  With the escalators being a main feature within the shopping centre, it was imperative we had every graphic applied correctly for the very best-looking finish.
Reverse print vinyl graphics applied by RW Signs in Manchester to escalators at intu Merry Hill

Getting the mall right

We do a lot of work with our neighbours at Stretford Mall, helping them with a range of different signage.  But when it comes to some of the bigger applications, we go in under the cover of night and either install a new window graphic, or as we did in the run up to Christmas last year, applied vinyl graphics to coloured aluminium-shaped fins within the mall, bringing brand identification throughout the centre, between the two levels.  And more recently, we made a night-time trip to apply vinyl plotted lettering and put up information display panels to the ‘Great Wall’ in the Stretford Mall, to communicate the plans for the new phase of the mall for later in the year.
Vinyl plotted lettering and information display panels printed and installed for Stretford Mall by RW Signs in Manchester

We understand the importance of advertising, communication and branding within indoor shopping centres, as well as the need for work to be done out of hours.  If you are looking for a professional sign company to not only print, but install signage or apply vinyl graphics across a significant retail space, then
contact us today for an initial meeting and quotation, or give us a call on 0161 864 2688.    


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