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Maximise your windows

28 May 2018

They help people see in as much as they help people see out, but when it comes to showrooms, offices and high street retail premises, windows take on another dimension.  Think of them as that extra bit of advertising or communications space.  Whether for advertising promotions or for some additional company branding, vinyl graphics applied to windows let you be creative in extending your communications reach and attract those passing by. 

We explore some of the great ways vinyl graphics really work in windows…

Show them what you’ve got
A simple idea for any high street shop with an ample-sized window, is to use the space to advertise what you sell.  As well as listing the products available on your windows using plotted vinyl lettering, get some logos printed and display some of the brand names of the products you sell too.  Joe Public will be more likely to notice and enter your premises on seeing famous brand names than just seeing a list of products.  Of course, make sure the brand owners or distributors are happy for you to advertise their branding on your shop, first.  They more than likely will be, after all who says no to increased sales of a product?  But, it’s always good to check to be on the safe side. 

More details about you
Use window space to tell those passing by more about your business.  If you sell online or have a website that keeps people informed of your products and services, emblazon your web site address across the window.  Adding your opening hours in plotted vinyl lettering is a professional way to let people know when you are trading.  And don’t forget your social media icons – if people see you have a Facebook or Instagram thanks to a vinyl on your shop window, they can easily find and follow you. 

It doesn’t have to be forever
We can produce temporary vinyl graphics, which are easily applied and removed so you can promote in-store deals and offers that last for a limited time.  Take over the whole window with them to really capture people’s attention and bring them into your shop.  You might be hiring more staff and want to spread the word, or perhaps you have a new range of something in-store that you want to tell everyone about.  The more you work your window on the high street, the more it will work for you.

Make use of internal glass
Within showrooms and even offices, there’s always plenty of glass to take advantage of and it’s mostly used to create zones or elements of privacy.  
We produced the signage for the stunning new homes4u flagship Manchester city centre branch on Deansgate earlier this year.  The new showroom designs included a large internal glass wall to which we applied a ten square metre, full colour, one-way vinyl graphic which was used to separate the private meeting area from the entrance area.
We did a similar thing for an independent flooring business in Knutsford last year, using signage to create zones within the Flooring 4 You showroom, so people could find the makes of flooring they wanted.  Some of their walls had glass panels within them, which we filled with branded vinyl graphics to steer people towards specific, well-known flooring brands.
Frosted vinyl is popular in offices, especially on glass meeting room doors and windows where privacy is wanted without the use of blinds.  The overall look is cleaner, more minimalist and professional – but it doesn’t have to be plain, frosted glass.  Adding the company logo, some imagery or marketing messages within the frosting can add to the branding found across the entire office.  The beauty of vinyl is it’s easy to apply and incredibly flexible, much like your marketing and communications!

If you have any glass within your office or retail premises and would like to introduce some vinyl graphics, give us a call to talk through your options.  As well as one-way perforated vinyl that allows you to see out but not others in, we can produce plotted vinyl lettering, glitter-effect vinyl that changes colour in the sunlight and so much more. Contact us today for an initial meeting or quotation, or give us a call on 0161 864 2688 to talk through the best vinyl graphics for you.    


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