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School's out for the Summer

27 July 2018

Yes, the end of term and the year has finally arrived for schools across the North West.  That means the start of finding something for the little (and big) ‘uns to do for the next six weeks as school is officially out for the Summer.  But what’s that got do with signage we here you ask? We’ll tell you…

Not completely closed
For some schools and colleges across the region, the Summer break sees the start of any necessary improvement works.  From buildings to the grounds; while the children are away, the contractors can come in and do their work more quickly and easily.  When it comes to modifications around the school, be that new classrooms, extended buildings or simply sprucing up old facilities, signage plays a huge part.  And that’s because signs are everywhere in schools; from the smallest signs to name classrooms, to must-have signs for safety, and directional signs across the grounds or campus.

Why a welcome’s important
Probably the first type of signage that comes to mind when you think school or college, is the large welcome sign usually found at the entrance.  As well as the school name, it lists all the other vitals from the name of the Head to the contact details.  Welcome signs are made in several ways, from your more traditional, standard post signs to aluminium signs and seen more often at colleges and academies are the more, standalone monoliths.

Know your way around
The first day of school or even if you’re visiting for the first time for an induction or tour, is always a daunting experience, for parents as much as the children.  Where do you go?  The minute we walk through a school or college gates we are dependent on signage to steer us in the right direction.  It’s everyone’s fear we might accidentally walk into a classroom we’re not supposed to!  To help guide people to the right side of the school in the first instance, be that Juniors or Infants, or to the right rooms once inside larger schools or colleges, wall signs and finger posts are vital for steering people in the right direction.

Safety signage in schools
Of course schools are required to display certain signs to meet legislation guidelines.  And when it comes to safety, many of the signs commonplace across businesses and other public buildings, also feature in schools and colleges.  But as well as that, schools have extra needs for safety signage, especially in classroom environments such as scientific laboratories.  Schools may also look to enforce rules throughout the building, such as ‘no running’ in corridors to ‘do not use mobile phones’ in classrooms.

Something different for schools
For modern education environments, newer or renovated schools, there’s the opportunity to be more flexible with signage.  Full colour, one-way window graphics for example on classroom or canteen windows can be used to communicate school pledges, to inspire with motivational learning quotations or even brighten the area with full sized images of the school or college.  Vinyl graphics can also be used for temporary messages on school windows or other glass surfaces – they are a much cheaper option than other forms of signage, look neater and can easily be peeled off when no longer needed.   

We work with many schools across the North West region, providing varying sorts and sizes of signage.  We always visit the school in the first instance before providing a quotation for the best sign solutions to meet the school or college’s needs. Contact us to arrange a free quotation or call us on 0161 864 2688 to discuss signage before school starts again in September.


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